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Yay!! I finally got my prototype model...! It's for my bra storage-protection shell ball. WeeEeE~ It cost me RM670..!! *nose bleed* Expensive right??? I know...but the first quotation I got was RM1400. So I ain't got nothing to complain eh? Rapid Prototyping is seriously expensive but defnitely cheaper than epoxy moulding [I think that is what it's called]...Epoxy moulding would cost me a whooping Rm5000 - Rm8000...!!

So conclusion is...I'm happy with what I did. I'm happy with my design. And I'm sure hell happy 'bout the prototype model. *peace* Later I have to get started with the sanding 1st. Then it's off to the workshop in uni tomorrow to get the rest of the finishing done. I would personally like to thank Johan for being such a great guy, being helpful and understanding. You're the best man for the job...and I just found out that he is my senior of god-knows-how-many-years from LimKokWing. *laughing* What a coincidence eh?

Well, I woke up feeling good this morning. The morning was fresh, the air was light, the weather was so almost-perfect (nothing's perfect remember?) was a great day to begin with. Li Min came over to my place at 9.45am, went to PJS and met up with our classmates & lecturer for our cadcam trip, went over to The Curve for lunch and went to IKEA for some project shopping...boy~, it was tiring! Got back into Subang around 6.30pm...Keith accompanied me to Taipan to get some sandpaper and finally came back to my beautiful, irreplacable home. Had dinner, watched One Tree Hill and here I am.

Oh, relating back to my title, it is actually the name of this Thai restaurant Li Min & I had lunch. ThaiExpress.'s alright. Nothing to wow about actually. Both of us had the tomyam noodles. Went it came, we were like..."Watda?!?!" It's whitish clear soup! I asked the waiter.."This is tomyam ka? Is it spicy at all?" The waiter looked at me as if I was asking some obvious question but come on! It's not even near red! The soup is so clear...! Who would believe it's tomyam???? See for yourself....

But it tastes like tomyam alright...thank God! It's not that worth it though. For RM11.90, they only gave 4 pieces of mushroom, lots of fish chunks, and loads of glass noodles. Empty. Fills up the stomach but....err....putting it short and sweet; I'm not going back there.

White tomyam....hUh?!

At least it was a filling lunch...
Us photoslutting..

-+jO is actuaLLy oFf to do wOrk now+-
Don't procrastinate. Don't be like me.

i am who i am
known as just Jo, bunny, ji- only to my baby sister! currently 20 and life's just getting started! my family are my friends & my friends are like my family. love them!
entered the world in july. a cancerian- hard on the outside; soft in the inside. just completed my advanced diploma in product design in limkokwing university. completing my degree in swinburne university, melbourne for a year.
a crazy & silly girl. adores havin' fun & not feeling guilty about it. life's too short to waste it anyway.
stubborn. defensive over things i feel is right (at that moment). willing to learn. just give me time. i learnt that i may accept your idea but i don't have to agree with/ to it.
believes in the buddha's teachings. mixes around with everyone. to me, religion or race is never a factor. despises those who condemn other religions. hates discrimination. believes that everyone deserves a second chance; just don't take it for granted!
adores shopping with lynn, has this craving for 'tom yam' often, enjoys a simple glass of 'teh ais', terrible in geography, has a weakness for cute, adorable stuff & boxes, a 'homey' person, frighten of animals [but i love animals] except my lil snowy, can't get enough of funky, unique, colourful accessories- bracelets & earrings!
to me, life is good. but with the presence of my family & friends, it is just gonna keep getting better.
.: lynn [my baby sis + 7-in1 best friend], my parents [my kamma is damn good to be blessed with parents like them], wei [my ever so annoying yet lovable baby bro], keith [my baby], piggie [aka venice & my ex-husband], grandpa moo [aka wee lee], fishy-man, pat & mj [my adopted 'mummy' & 'daddy'], dani [my weird psycho-est friend], ydc-13 [banting was incredible], unite2ignite [buddha rocks my socks! - reuben], limkokwing product design family (limin, pheng, jessy, danny, sean), grace kau [my best friend who i'm so darn proud of!], my grandparents [they are my inspiration], aunty rebecca [she started off as a maid but i love her as my own aunty to bits!], snowy [my white cat who's nothing but adorable], erin [my adopted sis who is fun to talk to], to those who has hurt me [i'm stronger today because of people like you], ys seniors [ai jou, des, jeremy, fm, jeff, wt, kok hin]... *the list is not done yet k*

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