mentally drained out

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things have been so hectic lately.
traveling up and down, sorting things out.
personal life.
and the fact that i couldn't celebrate mother's day with both my mum and grandma makes it worse.
but...::highlight:: havin' dinner with aunt hoiyun, alison, sharon, jon & of course, nathan last night was one good night. thanx nate! [check out Nate's blog ] it was a belated mother's day dinner for aunt hoiyun. she is my 'aussie mum' at some point. well, i definitely look up to this woman with great respect. salty dinner, good cheesecake and irreplacable company! *smiles*

i'm really under so much stressed. school work have started piling up since like..last time and i'm still not doing much to reduce it. dammit man. i am such a lazy arse. haha! so much to do and all i want to do is watch OC on dvd.
i'm definitely drained out mentally. hope things slow down so that i can take a deep breath. or at least a few. at least i know i have my friends [in malaysia and melbourne] to be there for me; listening, advising and most importantly, not judging me.

but so far, (other than spending tonnes of money for so many things), i did have some good times here and there. been to a few good places for lunch and dinner, had the best (apart from my mum's) chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream *drool*, good times talking with friends and hanging out with them, got some new scarfs which i's all good.

i owe my mum and dad for this. they worked so hard so that they could send me here. i love you, mum! i love you, dad!

well, i think i'll go now. got to do some work.

btw...happy 18th birthday, Jacq-jacq! *hugs*

and happy belated WESAK to all Buddhists!! esp to my brothers and sisters back home in malaysia. i miss you guys!

i miss my grandparents dearly. been so tied up to write to them lately. but that's not a valid excuse. i have to write to them soon.

aight. gotta go. tata!

it's gonna be 3 months

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haha..i have no blogged in like..a month??? well, i wanna change my blog skin again. keith is gonna go nutz with me always wanting to change my blog skin and i always end up with keith doing it for me coz i'm just too dumb to do on my own. =P

a lot has happened in this month i've not blogged. 1st, i'm really adapating to my melbourne life & better yet, i'm lovin' it! i don't feel that homesick as much as i use to. don't get me wrong yea..i do miss home. i miss having my family downstairs, my friends a call away, my cat behind the door, my boyfriend a drive/ walk away, my car just outside of the house, aunty lorna downstairs ironing the clothes, my grandparents bein' just a drive away, tonnes of mamak everywhere! i terribly miss my uni-limkokwing friends too. =( talkin' bout them, sean just celebrated his 21st and i wasn't there. i felt so bad, not bein' there for his BIG day. but i've planned with limin that sean, danny, limin & i will REcelebrate our 21st when i get back. plus, rong feng wants to go clubbing. he lurves clubbing with me! hor rong feng? and i went clubbing in 'the loft' down my street where i'm at. I LURVE CLUBBING IN MELBOURNE!! it's so nice..met tonnes of nice people..met this cute dancer who is seriously a good dancer. and my gang; hal, raine, adil & alvi sure knows how to have a good time! especially hal! he's the biggest mariah fan i know and he was definitely pumping it up in the club when mariah's song came on! *go hal! go hal!*

time really passes by so fast. it's gonna be 3 months since i left. and i never expected myself to have such a fantastic time in such a short period. i made so many great friends! i got closer to my schoolmates. i'm gettin really busy with assignments and projects. hell, i got an email from my lecturer, anna stating that i need to be on time for class or else my attendance will not be taken! wtf man..i've never received such does my sis take it? lynn! doesn't it bother u??
anyways, i still love what i have here. my rocking chair is facing a little problem. well..not really a 'little'..more like a HUUUGGEE goddamn problem! it's gonna cost a BOMB trying to manufacture the design. [btw, i have a classmate named Bom] worse still, my farking phone has to go crazy now! i was so reluctant to tell my dad but we skyped over this afternoon and i decided to just drop the bomb for him. he seemed pretty cool about it. suprisingly. he even said that he'll send over a phone since gettin a phone in melb without a plan is farking expensive. he wanted to send me either his NEC phone or wei's nokia. i so hope he's kidding man. i'm aiming for the sony ericsson k750i or the nokia 7360. *SIGH* more money flowing out.
money is always an issue. *sigh* why why why?? not that we're poor or anything..but we have to always live on a very tight budget. especially me bein' in melb. i so need to get a job!!! but that stupid australian immigration website is so sttooooppidd! i can't apply online..stupid stupid stupid website!

when i do get a job, i have to resist the temptation of shopping! there's just so many things to shop..! if u earn auusie $$$ and buy the things here, it'll dirt cheap and so worth it! however, i can't do any shopping for now. no more shopping. i got so many stuff already..[which i needed]..and i so lurve my new turqoise hoodie!! *thanks kim..for shopping with me* it's so gorgeous and it has gotten so many compliments to go with it..*bangga sial* the only thing i wanna get is a pair of boots. and i'm gonna go with mah gurl, ginny. =)

anyways, i better go now. i have to do my research for tmr's class. i really have to wake up earlier if i wanna get to class on time. but i hate waking up early. and i have to be up early on tuesday morning as well or else anna's gonna screw me.


april 8, 2006

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[this is so pathetic. my new blog skin has no date. but it's good to a certain point as i don't have to always crack my already-stressed-head for a title all the time i blog]

here i am, sitting at home. just had a looooong, hot shower. i just love the new st ive's vanilla body wash i got from safeway!! it's soooooooooo nice; lathers nicely, smells great & most importantly, cleanses (duh~). *smells self* oops..i smell like nivea lotion now.

today was pretty much a lazing-around day. before i begin, i wanna make a public apology to my dearest kimmie:

kim darling..!! i would like to apologize for not being able to attend the dinner. i really want to meet him but as i'll be out the whole day tomorrow, i better catch up with my work. i'm really really sorry kay? we'll meet soon. very very soon. i promise you. muaxx!


gettin' back to my lazing-around day.... so here i am, sitting at home. i have to finish up my resume; both written and online on plus i have some conceptual sketches to do as i need to confirm my design by next week before the easter holiday. aiyaiyai~

by the way, last night was pretty much a good night. i was home on my laptop till around 3plus, kimberley called from QV, asking me if i was interested to go for the melbourne uni's night market. sounds good! so i went over to meet her after a quick shower.

got there around 4, walked over to melbourne central to do a lil' shopping (but me bein' such a good girl & in-control, i didn't buy anything.. =P). after that, trammed down to kim's college. hung around in her room til it was dinner time. had dinner in the cafeteria of the st mary's college. bloody hell~ the food there is good! buffet style..had fish & chips, fried kalamari rings, 2 types of salads, pineapples, vege, milo was it again, kim?

oh, and i met a few of kim's fabulous friends! they're really nice. glad to have met them. *smiles*

after that, we headed to the night market. there were quite a lot of stuff there, mostly food. korean, malaysian, indon, chinese, dutch, etc. met yvonne there. she looks good! and i lurved her reaction when she realized of my presence in front of her 'strawberry fondue' stall. it was timeless! haha..yvonne, it was soooooo good to see you again after all these years! *hugs* after that, met michelle who's keith's form 3 classmate back in seafield. what a small world eh?
walked around a few times. nathan joined us after i messaged him about all the food available there.

after there was an annoucement that there was gonna be this male belly dancer performing on stage, nathan immediately wanted to leave. haha! it was hilarious..i wanted to stay but nte didn't want to. but we all decided to leave as there was nothing much to do there.

kim & michelle went back home. as for nate and i, i accompanied nathan back to glen waverley as i wanted to visit aunt hoiyun, andrea & alison. nate wanted to go home to change for his clubbing plans later that night.

i didn't realized how much i missed them. arrived at the house. saw alison, who still remembers me and still as adorable. *phew* sat down talking to aunt hoiyun, andrea, alison & nate. was at the house for about nearly an hour till nate was ready to leave.

nate sent me home after we went to this vietnamese karaoke bar in richmond. met his viet friends. they are nice but they are definitely not to be messed with. they are the largest viet gangster clan in melbourne. *shivers* i definitely won't want to get on their bad side!

while i was at the bar, dad & mum called. i miss them dearly. my mum laughed at me when i told her that i'm getting real good at cooking with oyster sauce! she said that when i'm back home, i'll cook for them wor. but mummy, better be prepared for oyster sauce yar! *laughs*

anyway, got home last night at around 12.45am. showered, chatted & had supper with hafiz in the kitchen & ended my night by watching 4 epidsodes of futurama on dvd.


i better end here now. tomorrow, i'll be meeting up my girls, ginny & raine to do some winter clothes shopping! *prays so that i won't spend soooo much money*
don't worry lynn. i'll get nice trench coats!

*happy 1 year and 1 month anniversary, my baby dear*

lijen, imagine how odd it would be on us both having the same blog skin! but i must say, we both definitely have good taste in blog skin design eh? *grins*

nite y'all!

too much to summarize into a title

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hey'all =P *in aussie slang* howdy mates?
well, it's been over a week since i've blogged. been surviving from my hectic schedule; school, settling down in my new apartment [which i lurrvvee~], school, school & school. however, i'm proud to say that the minute i had time, i wrote a 4-5 page email to my beloved grandparents. *pats own back*
industrial design is undeniably demanding. and with my lazy, loves-to-procrastinate-till-the-last-minute attitude makes it all tougher. eventhough with only 3 subjects to deal with this sem, it's sucking me dry. from concepts to being professional to being good in IT stuff, it's nuts! i am very very aware that i can't afford to slack off in any of my subjects. there is just no way i can 'cause i'll be a bad, ungrateful daugther to my parents who worked so hard to send me here. mum, dad, i love you so much!! *hugs*

talking 'bout my dad, he called me last friday 'cause he was excited to use the idd calling card he just bought! i was like..."dad, why you so cute wan??" he went home (from work) just to give the card a try 'cause apparently my mum tried the night before but couldn't get through. well, congrats daddy! you did it! *clap clap* anyway, it was so good to hear from you and on top of that, wei was there. he's so happy with his new james blunt cd. original one! haha..miss u wei!

highlights for the past few days : :

LAST FRIDAY, i had lunch with nathan. we went all the way to south yarra, near crowns to have lunch. went to this restaurant with the reputation of serving the best steak in melbourne. can't remember the name of the restaurant though. but when i do, i'll post it up 'cause gawddammit! it's superb! the steak nathan ordered for this steak with chips + mushroom sauce for me was to die for! it's just..just...gorgeous! that was the best steak i've had. thinking of it now makes me drool..! haha.. ^-^ it's really delicious. plus, the service was wonderful & the interior of the restaurant was so simple but oozing with class. i'd have to say that that was a fabulous lunch! thanks nate.. =)

LAST SATURDAY, i spent it with a bunch of whacky friends; raine, hal, alvi, adil, ginny, ping. jon couldn't make it as him being the 'religious' person he is, he had church camp which he would be dead if he pulled out. anyways, we had bbq on at hal's place down in kavanagh road. met up with ginny at flinder's street station 1st, then we tramed down towards hal's place. that day was a seriously cold day. windy & all. it's amazing how ginny & i survived freezing our noses off walking from the tram stop to kavanagh road. got there a little late. the gang have already started with the cooking. we were just in-time for the eating part. [how cruel can we get?] anyways, we all sat down to makan. but remember i told you earlier that it was a cold day & worse, it bein' windy? well, we were practically pinning down the beef, turkey & chicken with plastic forks & knifes!! hilarious as it was, it got irritating eventually. 'flying meat' wasn't exactly part of the bbq makan session. so we decided to take it all upstairs to the warm & cosy room of hal's and continue everything there.
went upstairs (after a suffering 25 minutes of cleaning and scrapping burnt meat off the bbq pit with coke in the unmerciful strong wind) and immediately got to cooking & eating.
had a fun time cooking & eating & all. then we watched a little bit of 'the wedding singer-adam sandler & drew barrymore'. then we played ps2. we sang our hearts out with the karaoke game & played this thing called the itoy. it's some laser thingy which senses motion. not sure how to explain it but that was really fun! we were playing with a primary-3-level game and yet we were having a blast! it was good. it was good. however, ginny & i left earlier around 12midnight. we took a cab home. and that ladies and gentlemen, was my 1st time being in an aussie cab! everyone was telling me that it's safe & ginny had to convince me before i actually agreed to get into the cab. bein' from malaysia tends to make you think that catching a cab is an insane, suicidal thing to do, especially at 12midnight with no guys to 'protect' us.
dropped by at bryan's apartment on the 9th floor for half an hour when i arrived back at global village before heading up to my room. it was a good day. a great way to end the saturday night. *smiles*

LAST SUNDAY, stayed home the whole day, rushing for my flash project.

LAST MONDAY, went for class. flash class. was late as i waited for hafiz to get ready. presented my work. hated it. hated myself for bein' last minute. so not proud of my work neither at myself. will not talk about it any further. all that matters now is our next project; interactive portfolio. tonnes of programming things to learn. full stop.
the ONLY good thing that happened to me on that day was when my friend passed me my brand new iPod shuffle!! *still excited over it* it's sooooooooo nice! it's really tiny. 8cm in length only but i lurve it! really glad i got it. it was worth every cent i paid for it.
thanks friend! -no name shall be mentioned here or anywhere to avoid any complications/ misunderstandings which may or may not occur in the near future-

oh, i came up with this challenge for both keith & i. for the next 3 days, we are refarined from using the term 'i love you' to each other. no translating it to other languages or dialects, no direct graphics or actions including sign language, no sms, emails or blogging that has or uses that term and hardest of all; no saying it to each other. so far, keith has accidentally used it twice. it's so not easy. but it's just to see how much we mean those words 'i love you' when we use it. is it because we mean it or because it has become a reflex/ routine thing to say whenever we end a conversation ,chat or email or sms. so for the next 3 days, both keith & i have to be extra careful & creative. *grins* baby, am i torturing you? 'cause i'm tortured by my own challenge. baby, you are my night & day. YOU are the reason why i look forward to everyday, waiting anxiously for the day i fly back to malaysia.

YESTERDAY, went for professional context class like usual. was late though. again, we were waiting for hafiz. plus, we had to change 3 trains just to get to prahran station which is actually only 3 stops away from parliament station!! *sigh* but luckily class was delayed till 11. showed anna [my lecturer] my resume draft. it was cool. oh oh! i was listening to my baby ipod on the train!! *bangga sial* least now i'm not bored to my bones when i travel on the train or waiting at the stations.
after that, went for furniture studio class. showed jarrod (australian-singaporean lecturer) our concepts. now i'm in a dilemma. ian (my another furniture lecturer) likes design concept A whereas jarrod likes design concept C. aiyoyo-yoyo~~ how lar??? which to develop? i so hate making decision like this. better start sketching some designs out now...[yea right~]

TODAY, was actually an interesting day (other than the rainy & windy part). watched a video in professional context lecture. it was this trial of McD vs Dave & Helen (2 environmentalist). it is the longest ever trial in english history. can't really remember the title of the video but i had to admit, it was a damn good video. in short, it's just telling us that we have the rights to free speech & that large multinational companies cannot manipulate the society however they like.

went to burke street after class with edmund & hafiz as they both wanted to drop by at this guitar shop on the way home. got home at around 6. nathan dropped by as he was around the city. so we decided to all cook dinner and have dinner together. it was actually fun. it's rather odd having a cooking session with 2 guys who are not gay! nathan did teriyaki sauce chicken, i did the vege dish & edmund did omelette with vege too. we had rice with all of those. it was a damn good dinner. home cooked food is still the best (and the cheapest too!). hehe...when i get back, i shall cook for my baby. hor dear? *giggles* so at the moment, edmund & hafiz will have to be my guiney pigs. muakakakaka!!

alrightey. i think that's most of what i wanted to say. i just downloaded this russell peters video which i can't wait to watch! you guys should watch it too! he's really good. a canadian stand up comedian. now i know why EVERYONE is talking about him.

nite nite! by the way, australia's going through daylight saving now. so to my beloved malaysian peeps, aussie time is just 2 hours ahead from yours kay? muaxx!

russell peters. a good doctor. laugther is the best medicine rite? *peace*

note for kimmy: congrats dearie! *ahem ahem* you know for what larr.. and don't worry 'bout others think. you're you & you're perfect with the way you are. don't worry so much 'bout the future. now is what matters.

i n t e r n e t l e s s

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-ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! !@#$%&*^%$%@%@% i have no internet connection at the moment. blogging from school-

hi people! i've moved out from glen waverley to the city already! *wEeeE~* i am happy to move out but sad at the same time as aunt hoiyun, nathan, andrea, alison & jon have been the sweetest & kindest people i know since i got to melb. aunt hoiyun & alison just got back from malaysia last night. hpoe they're alright. i'll go visit them soon when i'm free. supposedly gonna be havin' dinner with them as it was aunt hoiyun's birthday was last wednesday.

so, 'bout my new place. i love it! iloveit-iloveit-iloveit!!! it's sooooooo nice. when i have my internet (and the time), i'll blog entirely on my new place aight?
lynn, mum, dad, venice, baby..

gotta go now. i'm in flash class & i'm blogging. sheesh~ i'm desperate kay?!
will update soon (i HOPE)
miss you, bb!
lynn, will call you when i recharge my GPS card ya? muaxx!

t a g -coming soon

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i just remembered that i got tagged by my silly baby...*yish~*
i better get to it soon..not now. now, i have work to do. just posting this up to remind myself. *peace*

just a quickie update.
mum & dad are in bangkok with aunty poy huan to visit uncle boo seng. they'll be back on monday night. till then, my sis has to the 'driver' sending my bro everywhere...wei, you better say thank you! haha.

nathan brought me to max brenner last friday in glen waverley. so sinful. so so so sinful!! it was so good. so good that it was turning me on! the chocolate was so yummy. thinking about it makes me crave for more. oOoh! from the aroma to the dark chocolate to that strawberry dip to the waffle with ice-cream. *dRooLssss* thanks nathan! muaxx!
i'm definitely going back there for more. i'm gonna go with kimmy. =)
check it out... max brenner. i just fell in love with the place the 1st time kimberley brought me there. and now that i've had a taste of it, i'm (again) going back for more!

recently went to 2 nice places. one in st kilda- rococo cafe & the other in glen waverley- shine bar & lounge. in rococo, i had an awesome vanilla milkshake. i just thought of my lynn and i ordered that! was nice. it has a unique taste to it. and the other, i ordered this drink called 'paris pink' in shine bar & lounge. cute! it's a blend of strawberry, guava juice & vanilla ice-cream. i like it! it cost me $5.30 but no regrets there. plus, i made some new friends. they're jon's rmit friends but now they are my friends too! *smiles* ginny [half danish-half singaporean], raine [malaysian chinese from penang], hal [bruneian-royal related], adil [born malaysian-bruneian] & alvi [malaysian malay from penang]. they are really nice. hilarious! i especially love ginny. she's really a out-going, damn-a-lot-of-things-to-talk-about-with, gorgeous! i love this woman. she's 26 and has a greek boyfriend. this bunch are really fun. looking forward to hangin' out with them soon.

and recently, my notebook was infected with 400+ of spyware, adware, virus & worm. bloody hell. what did i do to this idiots for them to put me in such misery! idiots..i was left with no workable internet browsers for a freaking 3 days! couldn't do my work. wtf man. now i'm way behind schedule. but thanks to w e i y u a n, i'm back. chin wei yuan here is damn good. he's damn farking good! he really knows he's IT stuff. helped me in getting my browsers in melbourne to work again from malaysia. how good can you get? [also thanks to nathan's friend who suggested to download the spyware removal software]. i so need to buy wei yuan dinner when i get home. he's seriously the best.

well, i better go now. i'll be going to officeworks later to print some stuff. and i so need to get started with my furniture design studio work. presentation AGAIN on tuesday. blah~ every week, presentations after presetations. i better get good at this at the end of this sem. haha.

i'll be back *in arnold schwarnegger's tone and slang*

g o o d s t a r t

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started the day by calling my baby at 12pm aussie time! *grins* means i woke my baby up at 9am malaysian time.. but it's so nice to talk to keith when he's sleepy 'cause i think that's the sexiest voice heard through the phone. *giggles* sowee baby dear..didn't mean to wake you up so early but all i thought of & all i wanted to do was talk to you! i told you that i'll call you at 12-aussie-pm last night and i didn't want to oversleep. i'm so glad i talked to you. it was such a fabulous way to begin my day. *smiles ear-to-ear*

i got to school way WAY early today. [thanks, andrea! for the ride to jordanville station] was there at 2.30 for a 3 o'clock class. went to the library to return a book & borrowed another 2. feel so like a nerd man. borrowing books from library so often. but those are just design books anyway. good source of inspiration.
headed to level 3 to the lecture hall. waited for 5 minutes till anna [my professional context lecturer] along with 2 guys entered. those 2 guys are designers who just graduated not long ago; 'bout 4 years now. they were invited (by anna) to talk to us about how the real life is for designers, how much designers tend to struggle especially product/ industrial designers. one goes by the name of 'greengrass industries' & the other 'syndicate design'. they were bein' honest. it's a tough life out there. they showed us their portfolios (which are really good) but still, they struggle loads. it wasn't meant to be a negative session. it was a really good session, telling us 'school kids' that the real world is tough. i liked the session in overall. it was definitely an eye&mind-opener.

headed home immediately after that. jon picked me up from holmesglen. thanks again jon! on the way home, we made a detour to officeworks. it's a place which just specializes in papers, customization & printing. it's humongous! when i walked in, i was like...*jaw dropped* it's like the size of giant back in malaysia. everything was just...stationaries stuff! i was definitely impressed. anyways, i was there to get quotations for the business cards & letterheads for professional context class. thank buddha we're only required to have a mock-up version of the cards & letterheads. it's $69.95 for 250 pcs -business cards & $89.95 for 250 pcs - letterheads. expensive like hell. well, i like the place. i'll be going back there soon after i've done with my busniess card & letterhead design. presentation for those is this tuesday, 9am-12pm. hope i can finish up everything in time. plus, i have so much work for flash 8 & furniture design studio.

by the way, i was shocked to hear this from hafiz today when we were heading back home. he told us that yesterday, an australian guy climbed out of his car [half of body was out the window] he was driving to toss a bloody egg at his malaysian friends & himself as they were cycling along st kilda road!! according to hafiz, they may have been mistaken for labanese (is that what you call them?)
whatever it was, wtf..discrimination. the smell of such stinks. people like this stinks. i mean..watdahell is your problem man?!?! idiot. i've heard of such stories in melbourne but never would i had imagine of it happening to people i know. people who are my friends.
i feel sad. why must things like this happen? why must people act in this uncivilized manner? people who discriminate, i feel so sorry for you. very very sorry.

alrightey. i gotta go. have to go shower. or else my baby will be mad at me for showering so late. keith darling, hope you are havin' fun in petaling street! i wish so hard that i could be there. but bein' realisitic, i can't. =(

oh yea! it was so nice to hear my dad's voice today. called him at his office when i got home. just felt like talking to him. so i called him. i sure do miss him. love you dad! all the best to your staff who is going through his kidney transplant operation overseas. *puts palms together to pray*

shower time!

i am who i am
known as just Jo, bunny, ji- only to my baby sister! currently 20 and life's just getting started! my family are my friends & my friends are like my family. love them!
entered the world in july. a cancerian- hard on the outside; soft in the inside. just completed my advanced diploma in product design in limkokwing university. completing my degree in swinburne university, melbourne for a year.
a crazy & silly girl. adores havin' fun & not feeling guilty about it. life's too short to waste it anyway.
stubborn. defensive over things i feel is right (at that moment). willing to learn. just give me time. i learnt that i may accept your idea but i don't have to agree with/ to it.
believes in the buddha's teachings. mixes around with everyone. to me, religion or race is never a factor. despises those who condemn other religions. hates discrimination. believes that everyone deserves a second chance; just don't take it for granted!
adores shopping with lynn, has this craving for 'tom yam' often, enjoys a simple glass of 'teh ais', terrible in geography, has a weakness for cute, adorable stuff & boxes, a 'homey' person, frighten of animals [but i love animals] except my lil snowy, can't get enough of funky, unique, colourful accessories- bracelets & earrings!
to me, life is good. but with the presence of my family & friends, it is just gonna keep getting better.
.: lynn [my baby sis + 7-in1 best friend], my parents [my kamma is damn good to be blessed with parents like them], wei [my ever so annoying yet lovable baby bro], keith [my baby], piggie [aka venice & my ex-husband], grandpa moo [aka wee lee], fishy-man, pat & mj [my adopted 'mummy' & 'daddy'], dani [my weird psycho-est friend], ydc-13 [banting was incredible], unite2ignite [buddha rocks my socks! - reuben], limkokwing product design family (limin, pheng, jessy, danny, sean), grace kau [my best friend who i'm so darn proud of!], my grandparents [they are my inspiration], aunty rebecca [she started off as a maid but i love her as my own aunty to bits!], snowy [my white cat who's nothing but adorable], erin [my adopted sis who is fun to talk to], to those who has hurt me [i'm stronger today because of people like you], ys seniors [ai jou, des, jeremy, fm, jeff, wt, kok hin]... *the list is not done yet k*

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